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My Top 7 Instagram Photos of 2014

This was my favorite Instagram year to date. Now that I have a couple seasons under my belt, I'm feeling more at home in this square wonderland. To celebrate, here are the Top 7 photos from this year, based on likes... starting with #1.

#1 - Top Dog

What do you do with a brand new lens? Go out and take pictures. What began as a test for the new Olympus MSC ED-M 75 to 300mm II zoom lens for Micro Four Thirds ended up as my top Instagram image of the year.

Backlit Dog, Early Morning.

A photo posted by Derrick Story (@derrickstory) on

#2 - Passion Flower and Butterfly

I keep a camera by my desk when I'm working at the studio. One afternoon, I noticed this butterfly was attracted to the Passion Flower by the sliding door. Once again I used my new Olympus75 to 300mm II zoom lens to capture this year's second most popular photo.

Butterfly on passionflower, captured with Olympus 75-300mm zoom on the OMD-EM 10.

A photo posted by Derrick Story (@derrickstory) on

#3 - Fisheye Trees

While scouting in the Eastern Sierra for my Bodie Workshop in June 2015, I used the super affordable and fun $89 Olympus 9mm f8.0 fisheye body cap lens to photograph this Aspen grove.

#4 - Bay Bridge at Night

I was on assignment to cover the DJI Inspire-1 launch event on Treasure Island, San Francisco. But after the gathering broke up, I parked the car along the water's edge and photographed this night scene with the Olympus OM-D E-M1 and Panasonic LUMIX G X VARIO 12-35mm/F2.8 zoom.

San Francisco skyline with Bay Bridge.

A photo posted by Derrick Story (@derrickstory) on

#5 - Eastern Sierra Plain

Outside of Bridgeport, CA is a beautiful open space that I captured with a Pentax K-5 and Cokin graduated filter. I was just having fun...

Oh, how I love open spaces and big skies.

A photo posted by Derrick Story (@derrickstory) on

#6 - Moon Shot

I've been admiring this rusty exhaust pipe for years when I came to work in the morning. It's right in my field of view as I walk along the path to the front door of the studio. This particular day, the moon was lined up perfectly for a fun composition. I pulled the OM-D out of my backpack and snapped this image before brewing my first cup of coffee.

Moon Shot.

A photo posted by Derrick Story (@derrickstory) on

#7 Boy in Tall Grass

It's incredible to me how many of my popular shots were captured with the Olympus75 to 300mm II zoom lens, but here we are again. This time I was having my morning coffee while camping at Sugarloaf Ridge in Northern California, and I spotted this boy in the tall grass illuminated by the morning sun.

Boy in Tall Grass, Morning Light

A photo posted by Derrick Story (@derrickstory) on


Final Thoughts

I never really know what's going to catch someone's eye. And it's not something I think about while composing the picture. But as I look at this group of shots, I do seen some common themes. They tend to be simple compositions without too many elements. The longer lens certainly had its lion's share of winners. And even though I shoot many, many Instagram pictures with my iPhone 5S, not one them were big favorites this year.

Bottom line is this: I had a blast with Instagram in 2014. And I'm looking forward to a fun, creative 2015.

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Join me on my Instagram site as I explore the world of mobile photography. And now Instagram features 15-second movies too.


I had fun writing an article for titled Drool-Worthy Gifts for Lucky Photographers. The idea was, if you had up to a $1,000 to spend on a gift for a photographer, what are some good choices? You know... items that you would not normally consider.

For example, how about this ONA Union Street messenger bag designed with naturally milled Italian leather for $489?

"The Leather Union Street is designed to carry a 15-inch laptop, a camera, up to three lenses and small personal items. A zippered front organizer pocket provides additional space for small accessories."

Hasseblad Stellar Front.jpg

Or how about this Hasselblad Stellar Special Edition digital camera, normally $3,299.99, on sale for $999? "A true objet d'art, the champagne-colored aluminum body features a carbon grip with black accents, along with hand and neck straps crafted of vegetable-tanned Italian leather.

Indeed, these are items that you would not normally consider. But what if? You can see the entire list at Drool-Worthy Gifts for Lucky Photographers on Article Center.

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Highway 101 After the Storm

The storm parted about halfway through my trip south to Santa Barbara. I was traveling on Highway 101 near Santa Maria when the light and landscape came together presenting me this irresistible image.


I shot with an Olympus OM-D E-M1 and the super-compact Olympus 14-42mm f3.5-5.6 EZ zoom lens. No polarizer or other filers.

I did, however, process the RAW file in DxO OpticsPro 10, with a few finishing touches in Aperture.

Join me on my Instagram site as I explore the world of mobile photography. And now Instagram features 15-second movies too.

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Photographers using Mac OS X Yosemite and Aperture, iPhoto, or Preview have seven new RAW formats available in the latest 6.02 update:

  • Canon PowerShot G7 X
  • Canon PowerShot SX60 HS
  • Fujifilm X100T
  • Nikon 1 J4
  • Olympus PEN Lite E-PL7
  • Panasonic LUMIX DMC-GM5
  • Sony Alpha ILCE-5100

Chances are, your Mac has already applied the update. You can check by going to the Updates tab in the Mac App Store. You can also download it here.

Aperture Tips and Techniques

To learn more about Aperture, check out my Aperture 3.3 Essential Training (2012) on Also, take a look at our Aperture 3 Learning Center. Tons of free content about how to get the most out of Aperture.

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This week on The Digital Story Photography Podcast: Canon Takes Aim at Mirrorless (again!), Holiday Photo Tips, New Polaroid Socialmatic Camera, SizzlPix Winners, BPG?- All of this and more on today's show with Derrick Story.

Snapshot - Specifications Aren't Always the Most Important Feature - Sometimes I opt for love. You know those decisions that don't seem logical, yet you know it's the right thing to do. I'm that way with cameras sometimes. I explain in today's Snapshot.

Weekly Update - Canon to Target the GH4 With New DSLR Type? We're told that Canon will be directly targeting the Panansonic GH4 at NAB 2015 in Las Vegas this spring. The new camera will  have a 1″ sensor, shoot 4K and will be very portable. Source: Canon Rumors.

Also this week... New Image Format BPG Looks To Replace The Popular JPEG - BPG (Better Portable Graphics) is based on the H.265 video codec by utilizing the open source x265. This means BPG offers the ability to render 14 bits per color channel as opposed to 8 with JPEG. Source:

Story #1 - 5 Holiday Photo Tips - If you're lucky enough to be able to spend time with family and friends during the holidays, here are a few photo tips to keep in mind.

  • Think portraits as well as activities. Yes, it's fun to photograph Uncle Bill opening his present, but get a portrait too. In the coming years, those informal, environmental candids will become more valuable.
  • Reduce flash exposure. Most cameras emit too much flash indoors. Go to Flash Exposure Compensation and set it to -2/3 or even -1. Then increase your ISO to 400 or 800 to reduce dependency on the flash.
  • Get a group shot. Yes, everyone will moan and groan. But group shots tell a big story in just a single frame.It's worth your while to set one up.
  • Photograph food and decorations. Be sure to capture the food table before everyone digs in. Keep an eye out for decorations and place settings.
  • Share your images. The more people in the family that you share pictures with, the better the chances they will survive the decades. Believe it or not, sending email attachments are often the most effective because the recipients don't have to do anything to receive them.


Story #2 - The Polaroid Socialmatic 14MP Wi-Fi Digital Instant Print & Share Camera ($299) - Has Polaroid found a sweet spot?

  • 14 MP sensor
  • Instant Uploading Provides a Whole New World of Social Sharing Possibilities
  • Instant Printing Provides Immediate Gratification in 'Inkless' Photo Format
  • Full-Fledged Android OS: Browser, Email, GPS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Apps, Etc.
  • Camera Can Embed Unique QR Code Into Images for Online Photo Tracking
  • 4.5-Inch Full Color LCD Touchscreen; 4GB Memory, Expandable to 32GB

It is, however, about 5" x 5" and over an inch thick. So you would have to find a place for it in your camera bag.

Story #3 - New SizzlPix Winners! Congratulations to the follow virtual camera club members who participated in recent Photo Assignments and have been selected as SizzlPix Pick of the Month.

  • October 2014 - "Water" - Carl Shortt
  • September 2014 - "Shot From Behind" - Shelle Singer
  • August 2014 - "My Favorite Close Up" - Gary Legere

Virtual Camera Club News

Photo Assignment for December 2014 is "Frozen".

News from SizzlPix: Have your SizzlPix now, and with BillMeLater, make no payment until June. Great for selling SizzlPix of your photography and collecting your profit even before you pay. Also helpful for any photographer with an opportunity for gallery showings.

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I just read an interesting field report on ShootTokyo titled, The Panasonic Lumix Smart Camera CM1, where the author field-tested Panasonic's Android smartphone that features a 1-inch 20MP sensor and 28mm equivalent Leica lens. Options include saving in RAW format. The device costs 1,000 Euros and is unlocked.

On one level, the CM1 reopens the conversation about needing a dedicated compact camera, especially if you already have a smartphone in your pocket. The practicality, I think, depends on what type of photographer you are.

I know many people who are perfectly happy using the iPhone or Samsung S4 as their primary camera. They are capturing the interesting moments in life with a device that's always with them. I also take a lot of photos with my iPhone 5S. But when I step out the door for an afternoon walk or to run errands, I put my Canon PowerShot S110 in my back pocket (which is currently on special for $179, BTW).

Why? Primarily because I need more camera than what my iPhone can provide. I want an optical zoom, mode dial, and yes, RAW format. The Panasonic CM1 does inch closer to bridging this gap, especially with the RAW option.

But then, what kind of phone is it? Wouldn't it be ironic I had to carry a second device to serve as my smartphone?

We dream of having everything we want in one package. But the fact of the matter is, it's tough to be a world class smartphone and camera in one tiny device. And how much are we willing to spend for such a convenience? That being said, it looks like the Panasonic CM1 has brought us one step closer.

More Help on Managing Your Mobile Photos

In my title, Managing Your Mobile Photos, I cover a variety of backup solutions for both iOS and Android users. These tutorials will help you build the perfect backup solution for you, so that you never lose a single memory.

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For the next week only, the Urban Explorer Kit is on sale for $24.95 (reduced from $34.95.) Plus every order receives a free Walking Man Microfiber Cloth. Both offers expire, Friday, Dec. 19, 2014.

Urban Explorer Kit

The Urban Explorer Kit includes our classic Shoulder Bag designed by Lowepro and made of recycled material (it's planet friendly!), the Dual-Function Nimble Stylus Pen (perfect for iPad browsing in a restaurant or coffee shop), and the "I have a high nimbleosity rating" Microfiber cloth (for keeping your electronics and optics nice and shiny).

The kit comes packed with the Stylus Pen and Microfiber Cloth nestled in their dedicated pockets inside the Shoulder Bag. Plus, we include a holiday gift bag. So all you have to do is sign the card and present the gift.

Finish off your holiday shopping and let the celebrations begin!

Shipping to U.S. addresses only...

Photographers like me who run a variety of imaging applications can bring a little continuity to their life via plugins. I've been using DxO FilmPack 5 since its release. And with one purchase, the software works with Aperture, Lightroom, Photoshop, DxO Optics Pro 10, and Photoshop Elements... plus, it's a standalone app too.


If FilmPack 5 isn't on your radar, check out my post on Article Center titled, Rediscover Analog Photography with DxO FilmPack 5 Elite.

The bottom line is, FilmPack 5 allows you to create versions of your images that look as if they were captured on film, such as Kodak Tri-X, Kodachrome 25, and Fujifilm Velvia 50. In the article, I walk you through the ins and outs of the application, with lots of sample images. Plus, I talk about the difference between processing RAW files vs. roundtripping images in FilmPack.

Speaking or roundtripping, DxO FilmPack 5 works with just about any photo software that accepts plugins. Here are the options I was presented with when I installed the app.


I recommend Elite for $99 over the Standard $49 version. Here's a comparison chart of features that show why. And the best part is... they have a 30-Day Free Trial.

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Someone had their thinking caps on for this design. Westcott just announced the 38" x 45" Omega Reflector Kit for $99. Among its plethora of features, its center flap opens allowing you to shoot through it. In essence, the Omega becomes a giant, natural, ring light.


Highlights (yes, pun intended) include:

  • Innovative 10-in-1 design
  • Can be used as a traditional reflector or shoot-through
  • 2:3 Ratio removable center frame panel
  • 38" x 45" white, silver, sunlight, black and 1-stop diffusion surfaces
  • Durable fabrics
  • Folds down to 1/3 open size
  • Includes two window suction cups and carry case with shoulder strap
  • Lifetime frame warranty

I'm also impressed with the loops attached to all four sides and the window suction cups that come in the kit. You can hang the translucent Omega on a window to help diffuse direct light coming in. To see more of the features, here's a short product video.

I'll report more once I have a chance to test the Omega Reflector. You can preorder it now from B&H. And I suspect that we'll be using it for the upcoming Bodie and Fall Color workshops.

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Camera Profiles in Lightroom 5

One of the advantages to processing RAW files in Adobe Lightroom is taking advantage of camera profiles. A favorite example is choosing among Fuji's film effects from the X20.


The process couldn't be simpler. Open the RAW file in the Develop Module. Scroll down to Camera Calibration. Choose the look you want from the Profile popup menu.

The options are based on the actual profiles offered in the camera menu. So, for example, I'll see different available profiles for my Olympus RAW files than those from the Fuji X20.

The thing I really like about the profiles feature is this: there are times during post processing that I say to myself, "I wish I had used the monochrome film effect when I took that shot." With these profiles available in Lightroom, I get a second chance.

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