Supercharge Your Notes with Photos

Apple Notes in macOS Sierra has evolved into a very useful app for those who like checklists, reminders, and journals. And its integration with Photos for macOS has added a welcomed visual component that's seamless to use.


Images in your Camera Roll and in Photos for macOS can be easily added to an existing note, or used to create a brand new entry. They can be annotated with the Markup Tool, shared, and of course are propagated across all of your devices. Here's an short video that walks you through the steps (and possibilities).

My typical workflow starts with taking a picture with my iPhone, sharing it to Notes, then annotating the entry for future reference. I can use this system for field notes, reminders, and ToDo lists.


And the best part is, all of this data is automatically backed up via iCloud. So you'll never lose another vital piece of information. (Consider it your second, more reliable brain!)

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