"No Camera for You!, Smartphone Film Scanner" - Digital Photography Podcast 363

Top stories this week on The Digital Story: Five things you can do when you want a new camera, but can't afford one; The Lomography Smartphone Film Scanner; workshops update.

Story #1 - No New Camera! - I talk about 5 things that you can do to protect your credit card when a new, and expensive camera gets under your skin.

Story #2 - The Lomography Smartphone Film Scanner - This is not the solution for the thousands of negatives you have shoeboxed in the closet. But for digitizing a favorite image every now then, this is a cool device.

Story #3 Workshop reservation forms for the June workshop, "Movie Making for Photographers," are going out this week. The April workshop, "iPad for Digital Photographers," has only one slot open.

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Derrick, Very funny stuff today, absolutely loved this podcast , not that I don't like them all, I do! As well as really hitting my funny bone, it happened to be very timely to boot, as I had just yesterday finally succumbed to the wicked call of the OMD! And of course this came after weeks and weeks of finding reasons why I shouldn't buy it. It's absolutely hopeless resisting!
Take care, and keep up your excellent work.

6. Apple RAW support for that shiny new camera isn't available yet. Hopefully by the time Apple gets around to supporting it, your lust has died down.

Doesn't help in the case of the Sony RX1, but for that next new drool-worthy camera it could help you out.

RX1 comments hit home for me. I focus on the bad...$4000 and the fact that I really do not enjoy using external finders. IF Adobe finally figures out Fuji X-Trans RAW support, the Fuji X100s would seem to be an attractive alternative to the Sony RX1. And, the Fuji X100s has a built-in finder. And, the Fuji X100s has a much more palatable price.